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into the light

November 7, 2016

first things first, i flat out lost a brand new, straight from the box, still in its wrapping j.crew dress.  and it’s making me nuts.

second things second, i am doing a brightening face mask (cue angels singing) while watching the new netflix original the crown and indulging in a raspberry habanero noosa yogurt.  yes.  and yes.  and yes some more.  get this life.

third things third, i have something really scary to tell you.  come in a little closer…yep, right up in my face mask so i can whisper this scary thing in your ear.  i want to run a 3:05 marathon.  nope, that’s not the face mask radiating nonsense – that’s real.  a 3:05.  that’s 7:04 mile pace…for 26.2 miles.

know why that’s scary?  because i’ve never done it before.

i’ve been kicking it around for a while.  ruminating on the idea of the 3-hour marathon.  but yesterday was the first day i said those numbers out loud.  i opened my mouth and told another human my scary thing.

and you know what?  saying it out loud won’t make the 3:05 any easier, but it did make the number real.  and most people know that – like monsters hiding in your closet or a serial killer in your basement – the scariest things in life are imaginary.  show the scary things the light and they’re not so scary.  maybe the boogie man lurking in the corner is just a wad of clean clothes piled on your wingback chair that resemble a murderous villain in the dark of night.  that 3:05 is nothing but a scary figment of my imagination.

now if only that boogie man wad of clean clothes included my brand new crew dress…



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