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you’ve been served.

November 3, 2016

i’ve been suffering a major case of the weirds lately.  tension in friendships, struggle at work, distractions in life.  a speaker at work last week pitched the concept that all of these things – the daily weight we carry – takes our energy away from the things that warrant our full attention.  for instance, worrying about someone liking you takes focus away from the friends who do actually care about you and deserve your love.  and second guessing every word and punctuation mark in a work email because you feel like someone belittles you is time you could spend clearing out your inbox.

my intention this month is to give time, energy and importance only to things that serve me.  food, relationships, work – how will those choices get me closer to the me i want to be?  how will this energy send me in the right direction?  how will focusing on the things that actually matter bring me clarity?

and the sour skittles?  those are here to stay.

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