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on fleet

October 9, 2016

this has been one of the greater weekends of my san francisco life.  is it any surprise given it was a weekend full of rooftops, sunshine and the blue angels whizzing through the air?

oh, and a denim romper.  weekends with denim rompers are usually great ones.




October 4, 2016

who are your parents when they’re not your parents any more?

you know, when they’re not the people who clean your spit-up off your bib and play airplane with a hot dog and a neon green plastic fork.  when they’re not the ones who comfort you in thunderstorms and cheer you on from the sidelines even when you score a goal against your own team.  when you don’t get mail at their address and you haven’t eaten dinner around the same table for years.  when they’re not the ones you go to with problems big or small and they’re not the ones who celebrate your good days with a clink and a cheers.

who are your parents when they’re more person than parents?  when they’re humans?  when they’re audience members instead of stars of the show of your life?  who are your parents when they’re not your parents any more?

and who are you when you’re not a kid any more?  but you are a kid.  you’re someone’s kid.  and that’s a thing filled with all sorts of tension and push and pull.  because you’re not a kid and your parents aren’t your parents but a thunderstorm is still a thunderstorm and comfort is still comfort.  and no matter where you get your mail or who packs your lunch, you still need your parents to be your parents.  even when they’re not.

and someone there to clink and cheers on the good days.

on target.

October 4, 2016

mark this date in history: the day i went into target, returned an item, and bought nothing.

jenny: 1

monday: 0

target: 1,732,096


some days, sundays

October 3, 2016

some days i’m cy twombly, others i’m pablo escobar.  some days i make my bed and place the throw pillows just so, others i leave my bed a rumpled mess until i climb back in at the end of a long day.  some days are quinoa and fresh vegetables, others are four slices of leftover pizza pulled straight from the fridge.

what can i say?  i’m a complicated creature.

happy sunday.  may it be uncomplicated and maybe a little bit of a rumpled mess.

friday’s five

September 30, 2016

five things i could not live without – this week or, like, ever:

5.  sparkling water.  especially when it’s the unlimited free supply in the fridge at work.

4.  cheap, thick, nubby ankle-height socks.

3.  wandering the aisles at whole foods.

2.  dark roast coffee.

1.  florence & the machine.

being single: it’s a bummer

September 30, 2016

i’m taught “how to eat dinner alone – and enjoy it!”  i’m told “10 reasons why it’s important to be single in your 30’s.”  and not a day goes by that some celebrity break-up doesn’t remind us that singledom is tolerable, and maybe even desirable.

but what those glossies and salacious gossip sites don’t show you is a single girl climbing onto her countertop (stocking-footed but bare bummed – i couldn’t be bothered to put on pants – would’ve limited my range of motion) to put away her picnic basket.  or that same single girl belting out her spotify hit list to no one EVERY SINGLE COMMUTE home this week.  or that single girl calling fro-yo and the latest episodes of narcos dinner and dessert.

i’m relieved that society is supporting me in my singleness.  but if it’s so normal and rational, then why is it explained at every single (pun intended) turn of the page and swipe of the finger.  if you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re probably not.  and if you have to remind me every 36 seconds it’s ok with you that i’m single, you’re probably not.

and here’s me caring.  all by myself.

i ate dinner alone tonight and liked it.  and gwen stefani is staring at me from my coffee table pining over her failed marriage (“my dreams were shattered”).  shattered dreams sound miserable – even if they’re sacrificed at the altar of gavin rossdale.  and yes, i could even spout of 7 of the 10 reasons it’s awesome to be single in your 30’s.

top of the list?  completing chores in whatever state of un/dress your single self chooses.

it’s hot in here. do something!

September 28, 2016

i do not remember life without air conditioning.  let me revise that.  before i moved to san francisco, i did not remember a life without air conditioning.

sure, there were those summer weeks away at camp.  i’d slip into my sleeping bag all gummed up with sweat and bug spray and lake goo.  but the heat didn’t bother me.  because i was 8 and that layer of lake goo acted like a coolant.  and there were the hot southern days in my dorm room.  but i had a window fan and “free” fro-yo in the dining hall to keep me cool.

i didn’t realize i didn’t have air conditioning in my EXPENSIVE san francisco apartment until i pressed the little nobber do-hickey and it did nothing.  do-hickey’s by their very nature are meant to do things.  this did zip.

there’s a fro-yo place down the street and my two ceiling fans are whirring.  i’m gummed up with sweat and city sludge – not nearly as charming as lake goo.  and i’m saying my prayers every sweaty, sleepless night that “winter” in san francisco is a real thing.  unlike do-hickey’s that do nothing.