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being single: it’s a bummer

September 30, 2016

i’m taught “how to eat dinner alone – and enjoy it!”  i’m told “10 reasons why it’s important to be single in your 30’s.”  and not a day goes by that some celebrity break-up doesn’t remind us that singledom is tolerable, and maybe even desirable.

but what those glossies and salacious gossip sites don’t show you is a single girl climbing onto her countertop (stocking-footed but bare bummed – i couldn’t be bothered to put on pants – would’ve limited my range of motion) to put away her picnic basket.  or that same single girl belting out her spotify hit list to no one EVERY SINGLE COMMUTE home this week.  or that single girl calling fro-yo and the latest episodes of narcos dinner and dessert.

i’m relieved that society is supporting me in my singleness.  but if it’s so normal and rational, then why is it explained at every single (pun intended) turn of the page and swipe of the finger.  if you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re probably not.  and if you have to remind me every 36 seconds it’s ok with you that i’m single, you’re probably not.

and here’s me caring.  all by myself.

i ate dinner alone tonight and liked it.  and gwen stefani is staring at me from my coffee table pining over her failed marriage (“my dreams were shattered”).  shattered dreams sound miserable – even if they’re sacrificed at the altar of gavin rossdale.  and yes, i could even spout of 7 of the 10 reasons it’s awesome to be single in your 30’s.

top of the list?  completing chores in whatever state of un/dress your single self chooses.

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