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it’s hot in here. do something!

September 28, 2016

i do not remember life without air conditioning.  let me revise that.  before i moved to san francisco, i did not remember a life without air conditioning.

sure, there were those summer weeks away at camp.  i’d slip into my sleeping bag all gummed up with sweat and bug spray and lake goo.  but the heat didn’t bother me.  because i was 8 and that layer of lake goo acted like a coolant.  and there were the hot southern days in my dorm room.  but i had a window fan and “free” fro-yo in the dining hall to keep me cool.

i didn’t realize i didn’t have air conditioning in my EXPENSIVE san francisco apartment until i pressed the little nobber do-hickey and it did nothing.  do-hickey’s by their very nature are meant to do things.  this did zip.

there’s a fro-yo place down the street and my two ceiling fans are whirring.  i’m gummed up with sweat and city sludge – not nearly as charming as lake goo.  and i’m saying my prayers every sweaty, sleepless night that “winter” in san francisco is a real thing.  unlike do-hickey’s that do nothing.

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