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getting back on the bike

October 5, 2015

to understand me, you have to

1.) watch the unbreakable kimmy schmidt and

2.) go to soulcycle.

and when the two of them come together (see: the unbreakable kimmy schmidt, episode 11 – kimmy rides a bike!) you have entered my universe.  i like my fictional television characters squeaky clean with a side of wit.  i like my cardio dark, heart-pumping and with a side of techno.  i’m still sore from yesterday’s class but i’d be lying if i said i didn’t walk out of the studio – still dripping sweat and bouncing along to the beyonce in my head – and pull up the soulcycle app to research class options for the week.

the only thing stopping me from going full throttle, cultish devotee to the class?  the $30 per session price tag.  even my kimmy schmidt obsession only costs $7.99 per month for a netflix subscription.  so, for now i’ll only casually worship at the altar of my favorite ex-cult member.  while squirreling away my pennies to cash in for a class or two at the cult of soulcycle.

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