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October 3, 2015

here’s what i’ve been up to of late (given that i’m fantastically terrible at writing real words about my life):

  • making pre-fall resolutions.
  • trying to wear real clothes to the office – dress for the job you want, amiright?
  • not eating at the same restaurant twice.
  • working.  lots.  making the wearing of real clothes to the office a real test.
  • looking back on the past year and really, truly feeling good about what’s been going on.
  • fighting the good fight against not-so-good people.
  • eating a ton (literal) of trader joe’s stoneground wheat crackers with mediterranean hummus.  i know what i said about hummus.  and i regret it.
  • giving some deep thought on the upcoming election.  easy to do when you live in the capital of this here democracy.
  • monitoring my electricity usage.  hello, living alone again!
  • setting the world record for most glow sticks worn.

Lauren's wedding

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