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let it go.

January 29, 2015

here’s the solution:  deactivate facebook.  “unfollow” him.  hide.  be like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand.  but everyone knows what an ostrich looks like when they’re neck deep in desert – just a rump in the air.

i’m guilty of it.  as are most of my girl friends.  if that relationship doesn’t work in your favor or he blows you off after date #2, wipe him out.  electronically, virtually, symbolically.  he’s gone.  trouble is, he’s not really.  he’s still – so far as i know – a real, live human being walking around on two legs (unless my voodoo magic really does work), living his life like a real, live human being.  and here i am.  rump in the air.  frantically deleting, sanitizing, unfo7b7f9304f9da6a440a3a0dc841460d81llowing and deactivating.

my behavior is absurd.  sometimes cathartic.  never permanent.  and always more trouble than it’s worth.

if i’m not worth date #3, then why is he worth even a swipe of my right pointer finger?  he’s not.  i will continue to live my life.  one of grace and dignity and technological avoidance.  and if that won’t work?  well, then i have another finger for him.


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