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head first

January 14, 2015

i’m just going to dive right back in.  because that’s the type of girl i am.  i like to pretend like everything’s day-old blooming tulips and rainbow sherbet.

i’m watching the grand budapest hotel because something tells me that watching pretty on my overly large television will make the life right before my eyes pretty.

i ate a perfectly healthy, eco-conscious amy’s frozen reduced-fat macaroni & cheese microwave meal for dinner and a handful of reese’s peanut butter cups because i want to believe i can have it all.  or at least health and copious amounts of sugar.

i woke up in the 5 o’clock hour this morning to get in a workout before work.  only to be turned away by two new year’s resolution-ers churning away on the treadmills.

and yet.  i miss my best friend with all of my every molecule.  and i miss that guy that i didn’t really even know who went to the planet far, far too soon.  i wish it was all taylor swift dance parties and vodka martinis.  i want the life of a wes anderson movie, written by lena dunham, and starring robin wright.  i want a facial…even though i’ve never had a facial.  and i just really, really think rainbow sherbet is underrated.

she’s back.  and she’s diving right in.

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