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thanks, but no thanks

November 15, 2014

if not for her, i wouldn’t have a lamb cake on the easter brunch table.  i wouldn’t appreciate cheap costume jewelry quite like i do.  and i wouldn’t still be scratching my head over how to simultaneously underbake and burn pillsbury dinner rolls.  i wouldn’t be the hostess with the mostess (i learned that from her) and i wouldn’t have delusions of being miss america.  if not for her, my little family wouldn’t be the zany, loud, stubborn and tight knit crew that we are.  i wouldn’t know the strength and power of a single woman.  and i certainly wouldn’t have inherited my mischievous twinkle and love of wandering through grocery store aisles.

i still hear her in my head – usually chastising me for wearing a too-short skirt or reminding me to pick up peanut m&m’s to fill my candy jar.  i’ve missed her for the last 365 days. but i’m also proud to report that i successfully made her lamb cake and have piled on the costume jewelry and hostessed with the mostessed.  my family is still zany and loud and stubborn and tight knit.  and i have grandma r to thank for all that.

but no thanks for the pillsbury dinner rolls.  grandma, those were terrible.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    November 17, 2014 4:09 pm

    well done. I remembered also, even though I got her stone wrong. Notorious

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