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u and me

November 13, 2014

today will forever be known as the day:

a.)  kim kardashian’s butt happened

b.)  i went to the zara store opening, stood in the checkout line, and didn’t buy anything

c.)  i read this and i felt like the universe just got me for once.  just this once it understood and it sent me a fresh, new zara and kim kardashian’s butt just to make life a little more interesting and a little more weird.  just because the universe gets me and it knows i would just die for a new zara and get a real kick out of kim kardashian’s rear.  you got me, universe.  and you got my backside and that’s what i like about you.

p.s. universe, i really want this:


it’s from zara and i can totally swing through tomorrow and pick it up from the new store on my way home from work.

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