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long time

October 26, 2014

this has been a long time coming.

the good news is that i’ve been out living a life of perfectly penciled berry stained lipstick smiles and moments that would make a beautiful picture for your mantle {to the left of a cut crystal vase full of blooms, underneath the unicorn head mounted on your wall.}  i started a new job that leaves me satisfyingly, dizzyingly tired at the end of the day and with concentration wrinkle canyons between my brows that will one day need to be botoxed.  i moved apartments…again.  and i’m finally getting reacquainted with the notion of sharing my 750 square feet with another human being.  i celebrated my entrance into the boston marathon by buying new running shoes.  and i celebrated my sister’s wedding in a fancier pair of new shoes.  it’s been the perfect summer fading into fall and i’ve been perfectly content with life as i blend into the background of this suburban city that i call “home” for now.

and that, my friends – that feeling of contentment and ease – has been a long time coming.

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