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i’m a -3:58

September 24, 2014


i’m a -3:58.

and so i run.  i turn my iPod up a little louder and i flip through the pages of us weekly as i slog through the miles on the treadmill.  uphill or downhill or uphill and then downhill, i run.  tonight i made it through all of taylor swift’s shake it off in a plank.  last week i did 31 girlie push-ups in a row.  i gritted my teeth and i pictured my bulging triceps and it was awesome.

i check my email at east falls church and again as my metro car pulls into tysons corner.  i check between bites of a luna bar at lunch and between bedtime and lights out.  i have 8 windows open on safari on my iphone.  3 of them have baa in the url.  sometimes i even check my email on the treadmill.  or at a stoplight waiting for the walk sign to flash.

you see, last october i was a 3:31:02. i wore that badge of honor for weeks.  i can do 31 girlie push-ups and i can run 26.2 miles in 3:31:02.  but that was last october.

today i’m a -3:58. so i run.

because tomorrow i might be a boston marathon qualifier.


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