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eat your vegetables

September 22, 2014

supposedly, if you let a kid eat whatever they want, eventually they will put down the milk duds and reach for broccoli.  there’s a force within each of us that points us toward what we need most.  my broccoli is served with a side of faith.

i went to church yesterday morning for the first time on a non-christmas/easter/funeral service day in over a year.  it’s not that i lost my faith or refused to go to church.  but my plate was full of other, much sweeter, things than sitting on a rickety wooden pew for an hour.  so i picked a church that doesn’t have rickety wooden pews and – wouldn’t you know – the sermon was about candy (of the easter varietal).

i needed it.  church.  and while i’m at it…a healthy serving of broccoli.

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