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too good.

September 16, 2014

when i was five, i wanted to be a cheerleader.  at ten, i thought maybe i’d be a professional soccer player.  around thirteen, i set my sights on becoming a fashion designer.  then, an event planner.  a magazine editor.  a bestselling author.  dean of admissions.  a teacher.  a professional marathon runner.

but i never thought i’d be 29 years old, single and living with my dog in a high rise apartment.

i’ve been having this conversation on repeat with all of my similarly single and late-twenties friends.  who are we?  and how did we get here?  there’s no answer other than the obvious.  life is funny.  and so are your dreams of becoming a cheerleader.  but what’s not funny is the love and support i feel from my friends every day {ok, maybe that is just a little bit funny}.

they’re my perkiest, smiliest cheerleaders.  they’re as rough and tumble as the olympic women’s soccer team starting line-up.  they’re crafty and fashionable like every fashion designer.  and they can mix a margarita like no one’s business.

i didn’t think i’d end up here – almost thirty and very single.  but then again, i couldn’t have fathomed this gaggle of girlfriends i’m lucky to call my own either.

funny thing, isn’t it?  that we dream of shaking pompoms on the sideline of a football game or occupying a corner office in a building made of glass – but we don’t imagine growing up and becoming best friends.  sometimes we can’t even dream up reality.  it’s just too good.


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  1. September 16, 2014 12:41 am

    Wow, the sweetest post!! You’re amazing!! XOXO!!!

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