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if all else fails, sit there and look cute

September 12, 2014

daisy has this chunky little chubs belly which makes scratching behind her ears difficult.  she honches onto her one butt cheek, and tries to lean into her hind leg.  she looks like me when i try and do a mermaid or side plank in pilates (which has not been very often as of late, for those of you keeping track at home).  basically, she tries.  fails.  gives up and sits there and looks cute.

and then i scratch behind her ear.  genius dog, that daisy.

you following?  cuz that’s all one big metaphor for my blogging life recently.  i try, the internet fails me, i give up and sit there and look cute.  no one scratches behind my ears.  that’s alright.

all of this to say that my computer is well positioned in the south-facing window space i’m calling an office.  my internets are connected and wifi-ing and stuff.  and i’m trying to blog.  genius.

daisy is sitting on the floor looking like a dogskin rug.

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