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a big to-do.

August 6, 2014

you’re shopping through the mall because it’s a tuesday and the metro isn’t coming for another 5 minutes and because you have everything else in the world on your to-do list.  but shopping.  you find a party perfect pom-pom tank at j.crew.  you ride the 5 stops home on the newly opened silver line, feeling pretty good about your growing to-do list and ticking clock because you’ve got a party perfect pom-pom tank.

you make a veggie soufflé for dinner and settle in on the couch to watch a little law & order because you were on your GIRLBOSS best today and because you always watch law & order while you paint your nails bright blue.  and then you flash over to the j.crew website on a commercial break and you want to hit yourself in the face with your fresh, bright blue nails.  because your party perfect pom-pom tank – which will show off your GIRLBOSS toned biceps – is on mega sale.  hold the tags!  you’re not wearing that bad boy until you can schlep all the way back to the mall on the other side of the 5-minutes-late metro.

five stops on the silver line, 10 bright blue nails, and one deflated GIRLBOSS.

add it to the to-do list.

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