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hardly working

August 2, 2014

you know how you know you’ve found your people?  they’re happy and settled and encouraging.  they have chopped-esque challenges in the office kitchen, mixing cheese and chocolate with ease, and an entire snack cabinet.  they’re from wisconsin and blonde and sitting at the desk right behind you.  or maybe they bring you cupcakes because it’s your first friday in the office.  oh, or they ride the metro to an early morning spin class at the mothership (a.k.a. headquarter office) and then eat breakfast (bacon) in the office cafeteria before walking over to your office which is, conveniently, connected to a mega-mall.

these are my kinda people, folks.  the good, awesome, fun-loving, candy-eating folks of the world.  united in one happy ergonomic, industrious office/mall/fitness center/self-contained happy place world.

is it still work if it’s awesome?

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  1. leeharmonwaters permalink
    August 2, 2014 2:47 pm


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