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38 days later

July 27, 2014

i recently finished the girls of atomic city, a book about the women who were persuaded from the comfort of their homes and put on trains into the heart of the country to work on a secret government instillation, on a secret world war II project.  they were building the atomic bomb.

i have been doing no such thing.  i have merely been “funemployed” and fancy free for the last 38 days.  it’s no government secret that i left my job at the high school where i’d spent two of the most trying and tumultuous years of my professional career.  but the details of what transpired over those 38 days are shrouded in all sorts of mystery.  here’s what i did with over a month of funemployment:

  • celebrated the end of a school year and smudged away a few tears as i packed up two lamps, a calvin & hobbes book and my set of zebra pens and slinked unnoticed out of my old office
  • put the pedal to the metal and visited sarah, chris and rowdy at their new home in charlotte
  • scored a super deal on some sandals from aldo.  hello, funemployment!  they’ve yet to see the light of day.
  • ate my way through atlanta with chompers and dad
  • saved daisy from the jaws of another little chompers {a.k.a. the one-eyed bandit}
  • watched the district’s 4th of july fireworks, bursting above the lincoln memorial, from a kayak on the potomac
  • mastered the art of jello shots in a watermelon
  • accepted and geared up for a new job
  • quit aforementioned job
  • accepted and geared up for a new job
  • decided i couldn’t show up to new job wearing bright blue nail polish #grownupgirlproblems
  • bought a new battery for my car, sold my car and negotiated a lease on a new car {never doing that ever, ever, ever again}
  • celebrated a friend’s wedding and smudged away sweat from tearing it up on the dancefloor
  • survived a grueling but energizing week at my new job
  • decided i need to give up dairy

now it’s all out there in the light – what i’ve been doing instead of blogging for the past month and change.  it’s no government secret but i do feel like my new life and my new work is about to change my world.  here’s to the next 38 days of employment and blogging!

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