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they happen all the time

July 4, 2014

americans have all sorts of reputations out there on the international streets.  we’re known for being somewhat bossy and arrogant.  it’s easy to be over confident when you live in a country where all of this is possible:

  • voting for your democratic leadership who answers to the people
  • going to school, virtually for free
  • being a woman and going to college {which was not virtually free incidentally}
  • living in relative peace, security and happiness
  • being free to write/say/believe what i want…even on this here silly blog!
  • having access to healthcare, drinking water and affordable housing {maybe not so much on that last part if you live in the d.c. metro area}
  • being gainfully employed and having the opportunity to rise through the ranks to a position of leadership
  • blowing things up to commemorate our independence while eating red, white and blue cake

may we celebrate our independence and freedoms while remembering that others around the world aren’t as lucky.  it’s good to be an american.  happy 4th of july!


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