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i believe

July 3, 2014

so i get it.  we all wildly jumped on this go america bandwagon and were momentarily infected with world cup fever.  i get it.  it’s annoying that people don’t know the difference between goalkeepers and trapper keepers (remember those awesome things?).  rarely do americans wake up on a saturday and flip through their 1,359 television channels in search of futbol.  shinguards were very popular on the runways of paris but when’s the last time you velcroed one on (do they even velcro anymore)?

a generation of us grew up in the heyday of soccer, so i bristle a little when i hear that the here and now is the resurgence of american soccer.  and i get a little snippy when i see your facebook status that bemoans my fair weather fandom.  i grew up with mia hamm and brandi chastain’s sports bra and olympic gold.  i grew up picking daisies in a soccer field and followed the sport through varsity benchwarming and home and away jerseys.  i jumped on the bandwagon in 1996 and i gladly joined the soccer bandwagon a few weeks ago.  when i was little, i dreamed of abs like brandi’s.  and just last week, i believed that we would win.  and so did a lot of other people in the united states.

who cares if they didn’t play soccer when they were six?  who cares if they think offsides is something that accompanies bbq?  does it really matter that they don’t know a shinguard from a mouthguard…ok, maybe that one does matter.  my point is:  we’re american.  and we’re proud.  so jump on that bandwagon.  throw a party on that bandwagon.  show the rest of the world how happy you are to be on that bandwagon.  because it’s not about the soccer.  it’s about the believing.  and that’s something i’m glad to be infected with.

p.s. i totally still believe in those abs.


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  1. July 3, 2014 11:00 pm


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