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graduating again

June 11, 2014

for the past two years i’ve been stuck in high school.  i’ve been talked about and laughed at.  i’ve been bullied and picked apart behind my back.  i’ve cried on the phone with my parents in a school parking lot and eaten cafeteria lunch at my desk because i had no one else to sit with.  i’ve felt ostracized and different.  and i’m pretty sure that if they made jenny size lockers, i would’ve been shoved in one by now (at least metaphorically).

friday’s celebration isn’t just my students’ graduation.  it’s also my own.

here’s to moving on and saying goodbye and never looking back.  here’s to bigger and better and thanking our lucky stars there aren’t adult sized lockers.  here’s to bacon day and chicken ring things and milk in little cartons.  here’s to wearing a funny gown and throwing things in the air and looking forward to the future.

{and just in case that doesn’t help – here are 8 things to remember when everything is going wrong.  i’ll always remember my 2 extra years in high school but i’ll always be glad that everything in life is temporary.}

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