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cilantro caverns and burrito rage and uproariously.

May 28, 2014

my ponytail is extra super bouncy today.  daisy and i watched a gullywasher of a storm from the comfort of the couch last night.  i’m wearing a shirt with bugs on it.  and i just drank beets.  but i’m finding strength, humility and a will to go on in this{warning:  there is a lot of profanity involved.  but it’s worth slogging through because you will laugh uproariously.  hey, uproariously is an under-used word.  even if that burrito article nonsense made you angry at swear words, you can find solace that this is a world where uproariously exists.  and burritos.  burritos and uproariously.}

and now i’m hungry.

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