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the real real

May 25, 2014

i pop a nespresso capsule into a luxury coffee brewing machine and curse when i burn my tongue.  i drive an suv and lament the rising price of gas.  i lose my cool when a teenager challenges my self-appointed authority.  i count the calories in a frozen vegetable steamer packet.  i pay $20 to pop my hips and punish my biceps in a refurbished stone house/barre studio surrounded by women in lululemon.  i worry about finding a date for my sister’s wedding in less than 5 months and spend hours online shopping for shoes to match my bridesmaid dress.  i complain because my air conditioning is too cold.

these are not real things.

the rumble of the harley’s that overtook me on the key bridge, crossing from virginia into the district, are real.  the american flag flapping in the breeze as the motorcycle rounds the bend in route 66 is real.  the leather jacket emblazoned with a name and a company and the letters p.o.w. or m.i.a. are real.  the tears shed at arlington cemetery this weekend and the flowers dotting the iwo jima memorial are real.

i live in a world of not real worries thanks to the people who made my safety their real duty.  i go to work and the grocery store and the gym and the bar without a real worry because someone else takes my comfort real seriously.  i wake up and feel a creaking in my biceps after barre class but i’ve never known real pain.  i worry about dying old and alone but i’ve never known the real fear of death.

even just for a day, i’m going to try and push my real/made up concerns out of my mind.  instead, i’m going to think about the real people who helped to make my life what it is today.

here’s to the real heroes – the men and women who gave their lives in the defense of our country.

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