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meaning and purpose

May 8, 2014

i don’t know that i would have listened to me when i was a teenager.  i don’t know that i looked at my teachers and thought “wow, she’s really putting her heart and soul into her job.”  i don’t know that i cared about or appreciated school and learning and teaching the way i should have.  i don’t know that i took time to step back and really let life lessons sink in.  i guess that’s what 17 year olds are for.

but my 29-year-old self is really putting some oomph into this teaching/preaching thing.  my 27-year-old and 28-year-old self did too.  i really care about these kids and imagine them writing novels or curing incurable diseases or joining the traveling circus.  i see them growing in to tax-paying, parallel parking, informed voting citizens.  i hope they live the kind of lives that are marked with colorful stories (the kind that make you snot out orange juice) and a scar (physical or emotional) here and there.

my gift is words and lessons and stories.  they are filled with love and care and compassion.  and i’m giving them away to my students.  because when i was a teenager someone did the same.  i don’t know that i listened back then.  but, i guess i did, because here i am.

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