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to day and every day

May 5, 2014

birthdays are/were a big deal in my family.  my grandparents from kansas city usually took up residence at our home to ring in both sarah’s and my birthdays.  from dawn til dusk, we celebrated.  we’d amble down the stairs at home and grandpa b with his “rooster” hair would methodically spoon sugar into his coffee as we’d all kick off the birthday celebrations with a hearty breakfast.  our next order of business was the traditional grandma r birthday phone call.  her birthday song was our national anthem after which we could play ball.  or something like that.

we’d spend our actual birthday huddled around our family dining room table, noshing on the birthday girl’s menu of choice.  {enchiladas with fruit fluff anyone?}  grandpa r would make funny faces under his paper birthday hat and the grandmas would dash around the kitchen in a flurry of excitement, helping my mom prepare dinner.  after dinner we’d sing again and blow out the candles and retire to the family room for birthday presents.  there was a book from aunt o and a fantastically pretty package wrapped by aunt mary lee.  we’d test drive our new bike or our rollerblades in the parking lot behind our house.  because sarah’s birthday falls during the summer months, and we would have an extended curfew, we could play on the jungle gym until the sun set on her special day.  passersby would hear laughter overflowing and think to themselves what a perfect life this must be.

it was and still is.

my parents made a pilgrimage to d.c. this weekend to ring in my 29th birthday.  we literally celebrated from dawn til dusk, as my friend lindsay and her mom joined me and mine at the lincoln memorial yesterday to watch the sunrise.  and after the sun went down, my parents sang happy birthday to me last night over a box of baked & wired cake cups after dining at lincoln, a restaurant i’ve been wanting to try.  this morning my 10th grade advisees showered me with cupcakes and chocolate/peanut butter cake and belted out a terrible rendition of happy birthday.

birthdays are a big deal to me but not because of the sugar or the presents or the day-long celebration.  birthdays bring out everyone who loves and cares about you.  forget the cupcakes or the cake cups or the 12 pack of root beer under my desk.  the warmth, the smiles, the bike rides around the back parking lot, the grandpa making funny faces underneath a birthday hat – that’s the stuff birthdays are made of.

today’s my day.  but it’s just as much about you as it is about me.  thanks for being a part of it.  and thanks for being a part of my life today and every day.


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  1. notorious permalink
    May 5, 2014 4:32 pm

    Don’t just pass the cupcakes….eat the cupcakes and smile. —Happy Birthday…Notorious

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