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news flash (and snazzy pants)

May 2, 2014

and today, i’m feeling pretty empowered (err…angry?) so here are more than a few words in an open letter to the future mrs. clooney:

well, you’ll have to excuse me for getting sentimental for a minute here, but this news — your news, which has, admittedly, absolutely nothing to do with my own happily married life — made me proud. proud because the engagement — his choice of this lovely, accomplished, 30-something, ambitious woman — is a vicarious triumph for all the single ladies out there, all the smart, accomplished, ambitious, single ladies who are a constant, convenient punching bag for pretty much every self-help book out there that’s eager to tell them how they’re doing it wrong, they’re putting their careers first, ruining their chances of finding a proper mate, ruining their chances of ever having children, should have gotten married at 23, just ruining everything, making a huge mess of it, very bad job, #FAIL.

well put.  sorry there’s no snazzy picture.  but here is a picture of the woman we’re celebrating, leading the life we (i) can only dream to live.  and none of that dream has anything to do with george clooney.  ok, maybe just a smidge.

via eonline

via eonline

oh sorry.  i’m just kicking butt and saving the world and opening my own car doors while wearing the snazziest pants and flashing the snazziest smile.  but actually, i’m not all that sorry.  because i’m awesome.

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