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April 30, 2014

this is the most lamity-lame-lame birthday list in the history of civilization.  somebody halp me!

*  some sort of personalized nike shoe (design up to you!  channel your inner jenny?) for workout purposes, specifically the nike lunar glide in size 9.5.  the wilder the colors/pattern the better.  you know how i like my feet.
saint laurent “strong” sunglasses because you know i like looking nerdy and preserving my vision.

saint laurent “arty” ring because i really thought i’d be engaged by now (or at least dating anyone).  womp womp.
*  classes at mind the mat, corepower yoga or barre3.

*  a hot yoga mat towel.  this is lame.

*  a dozen cupcakes from baked & wired so i can drown my lameness in frosting.  really good frosting.

*  to be january jones.  there.  that’s the imagination i was looking for!

January Jones

january jones. just in case.

*  dolce & gabbana fragrance.  can’t remember which one…i’ll look it up.

{true story:  i almost added bliss face wipes to my list but then i wanted to die because i’m so unimaginative and old.  so i didn’t.  but i do really want some bliss face wipes.  just don’t tell anyone.}

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