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sunday somethings

April 28, 2014

i wish that every day were sunday.  i’d wake up still smiling from the friendly fun of saturday.  i’d wake up late and sans alarm and with daisy bopping next to my bed like she’s set on four springs instead of legs.  i’d walk to the local coffee shop for a fresh cup of coffee.  in fact, because it’s sunday i might even whistle a little tune while i enjoy my coffee and my leisurely stroll.  i wouldn’t brush my teeth until 11 a.m. and i’d run through two whole sets of workout gear.  sunday may be my lazy day but it’s also a sweatfest in my perfect world.  i’d accomplish errands and a dog walk and a nap before dinner.  and i’d have a homemade somethin’ somethin’ on my plate when dinner time rolls around.  speaking of, maybe i’d have some fresh baked dinner rolls.  i love carbs on a sunday.  i wouldn’t worry about my hair or that little zit monster on my chin.  but i would exfoliate and sunless tan and polish my piggies.  i’d take a long drag of fresh spring air (watch out for pollen!) and i’d twinkle with delight when daisy’s beagle dog ears caught some wind and flapped in the breeze.  they’re my favorite.  sundays and daisy’s bonkers ears.  and carbs.

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