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to infinity and beyond!

April 26, 2014

i’m thinking about leaving earth and becoming a citizen of saturn.  actually, i’m just thinking of leaving arlington and/or the washington, d.c. metro area.  i may as well be moving to saturn because i don’t know where i’m going and i don’t know anything about the place i’ll land.  i’m a space pioneer!  a.k.a. jobless and possibly homeless.  sounds better to say “pioneer.”  but before i leave on my intergalactic adventure, here’s what i’d like to do:

  • watch the planes take off from gravelly point park.
  • run the white house, mall and capitol one last time.
  • eat at cava mezze grill again.  ok, maybe four more times.
  • say goodbye to my favorite place in all of d.c. – the lincoln gallery in the american art museum.

    via wikipedia

  • have a terribly late night hopping around 14th/u street.
  • finally learn how to ride the bus.  mystifying.
  • grab a cupcake from baked & wired.  sit on the georgetown waterfront.  be serene and fulfilled and sugar high.
  • circle sit.  a tradition started by some friends and me, wherein we grab some food (sweetgreen/fro-yo) and sit in dupont circle.  it’s marvelous.


  • use the pool at my apartment building.  i’m paying for it…
  • have drinks at p.o.v., a farewell dinner at estadio and peanut butter pie for dessert at commissary.
  • have a fabulously late night out in dupont.
  • go to a nats game.
  • explore union market.
  • check in with the astronauts at the air & space museum.  just in case i should require their orbital skills for my endeavor on saturn.


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