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feeling squirrely

April 25, 2014

i drove over a squirrel today.

yesterday was one of the most frustrating and trying days i’ve ever experienced at work.  recently i’ve felt like nothing i do is enough.  i feel like a square peg in a round hole.  like that last schnibble of cookie dough that won’t quite roll out into a perfect cookie and instead gets schmunched up in an awkward ball and thrown into the fridge to be forgotten about.  i’m uncomfortable and squeezed and schnibbly.  the good news is that i feel like my kids think i’m doing a good job.  my kids smile at me and i feel like we get each other.  it’s all about the kids, kids.  but still.  every day when i come through the glass doors into the school lobby, i sort of shrivel and cower and brace myself for the worst.  what’s going to hit me today, i wonder?

that little squirrel just wanted to cross the road.  granted, he picked a pretty big and busy road to be crossing.  he got stuck in the middle of a traffic lane and all he could do was shrivel and cower and brace for the worst.  what’s going to hit me today, he wondered?  lucky for him, i saw the car in front of me brake and slow.  i did the same.  i navigated over the squirrel without so much as ruffling a tail whisker.  he stood as still as he could and said a little squirrel prayer as my car passed over him.  i hope he scurried into the median after.  lord knows the middle of the road is no place for a squirrel.

and it’s no place for a jenny either.  i’m looking forward to the day when i open my squinched eyes after surviving this traffic jam and can see nothing but blue sky and open road ahead.  until then, i’m bracing myself.  please don’t run over me!

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  1. notorious permalink
    April 25, 2014 6:02 pm

    Just think how happy he was to get to the other side of the road. Rock on. Notorious

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