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a marathon of a monday

April 22, 2014

i’m suffering from a mad case of the sleepies.  blame it on the easter candy and the bright weather but i am struggling to keep my eyes open and my bum locked in to my desk chair.  i want to frolic!  i want to soak up the sunny rays!  i want to not be here!  alas.

i spent my yesterday hours glued to streaming coverage of the boston marathon.  i’m not sure if it was the espresso or marathon monday, but i jittered as i watched shalane flanagan tearing down the streets of boston, her blonde ponytail trying to keep up.  she led the women’s pack for the first 17 miles or so until…

that sneaky little jeptoo took down shalane.  (that’s jeptoo behind shalane in the foreground of this pic for you normal people out there.)  an american woman hasn’t won the boston marathon since 1985.  and an american man hadn’t won the marathon since 1983, until…

mr. meb won the race in 2:08.37.  just to put this in perspective for you, that’s 26.2 sub-5:00 miles.  that’s cranking the treadmill speed up to 12.0.  and he’s 39 years old.  and awesome.

i don’t typically like mondays but i’ll make an exception for marathon monday.  and next year, when i hope to run boston, i hope you will too.  if not, i’ll send shalane chasing after you like she did when she met anderson cooper on the track…

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