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easter 2014

April 20, 2014

things that are different about this easter:

  • i went to catholic mass at holy trinity in georgetown this morning.  i feel like they could smell the protestantism seeping out of my pores.
  • my family is visiting sarah at her new home in charlotte.  i’m the lone ranger up here.
  • no easter basket…a crate & barrel pie basket instead!
  • i didn’t give anything up for lent since i face planted into 13 slices of wedding cake way back when.
  • the lamb’s head stayed connected to his neck.  phew!
  • no grandma r to triumphantly laud my lamb cake’s survival.

things that are the same about this easter:

  • i went to church.
  • i’m surrounded by friends i love.  like my own little d.c. family.
  • candy overflowing my familial easter basket.
  • i’m face planting into aforementioned candy.
  • there is lamb cake.  always lamb cake.
  • sharing little bits of my family’s wacky traditions with friends.  grandma r lives on!  the lamb cake on the other hand…
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