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experiencing easter

April 19, 2014

there’s a naked lamb cake in my oven and i’m writing about it and there’s a reason for that.

yesterday the high school where i work hosted its annual writer’s day.  at town meeting the english faculty assembled and presented awards to budding young writers.  but first we listened to a real writer share her thoughts on what makes a good writer.  she talked about perspective and how teenagers might think they have a lot of it but, if they’d open their eyes and ears, they’d gain more of the stuff.  she talked about how every experience – every person we encounter, every scene our eyes witness, every sentence our brain digests – colors everything we do.  we’re basically piggy banks and every thing we experience is change that clinks into our bank, to be withdrawn on a rainy day.

i love this idea.  i’m curious by nature and i have a hyperactive imagination.  i get misty eyed when i watch an old man boarding the bus, brief case in hand, and imagine that he’s a retired professor who’s going to meet up with his argyle-clad fellow ex-profs at some dusty bookstore in georgetown.  i can emulate the snarf! snarf! sound that daisy makes when she really wants a piece of pizza that’s melted onto the street.  i like to read fairy tales and my brain thinks in an alice in wonderland/wizard of oz/breakfast at tiffany’s quirky way.  every thing i see or hear or read or feel, i absorb.

so, it’s natural to me that when i think easter i think of sugary candy eggs hidden in grandma’s piano bench.  i think of frilly petticoats and shiny saddle shoes.  i think of our little church packed to the stained glass windows. (did you know that many churches get their shape from noah’s ark?  in case of flood, they could topple over and turn into flotation devices.  i told you…i absorb everything.)  i think of egg bake and fruit salad and lamb cake.  my experiences have made me into the writer, person and lamb cake baker that i am today.  and because you’re reading this, you might just think of lamb cake when you think of easter.  or you might go snarf! snarf! when you see pizza stuck to the street.

one or the other.


an easter in kansas city

sarah, grandma, grandpa and me with our cousins


grandpa r explaining the ways of the universe to me


a common theme from my early years: petticoats and hair curlers

grandma and me on easter, clearly talking about something very important

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  1. April 19, 2014 9:39 pm

    What a fun blog. Hope you can check out my post on retro lamb cake–so girly!
    Happy Easter, Annabelle

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