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April 17, 2014

questions.  i am fueled by ?’s and that upward lilt at the end of sentences that indicates uncertainty and curiosity.  i google to my little heart’s content.  and i click through all those silly bolded words in news articles to dive deeper into the story.  i think i’m starting to rub off on my advisees.

each morning we start with daily announcements.  club meetings, schedule changes, lunch assignments.  and each day we open our minds with a “fun fact of the day” at the bottom of the morning report.  today’s fun fact read:  the only 15 letter word you can spell without repeating a letter is “uncopyrightable”.  my students paused and let it sink in.  they took another bite of their clif bar or tapped away at their iphone.

is there a 16 letter word?

aha!  now you’re on to something, my little teenage inquisitor.  you’re asking questions, you’re digging deeper, you’re not accepting every fact.

and no, there is not a 16 letter word in the english language that does not repeat a letter.

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