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sweat, blood and beyonce?

April 17, 2014

these are things i love:

  • working out.
  • having really awesome tunes pumping through my cranium while i’m working out.
  • feeling invincible.
  • feeling invincible while i’m working out and listening to super sweet tunes.
  • not being bored.  ever.

in an effort to be un-bored while working out (you know the rest) i’ve made myself into a cardio chameleon over the past month.  i run, i jump, i hold really strange pretzel looking poses while walloping sweat puddles onto the floor.  see?  that’s not boring.  it’s also not easy on the pocketbook or the datebook.  i’ve been busy burning through my trust fund (non existent) while i’ve been burning through calories (and lululemon gear).



barre3 is about as chi-chi and chick-y as workouts get.  but don’t take my word for it.  located on the georgetown waterfront in a refurbed building with exposed brick and super sleek glass walls, barre3 is my every pinterest board come to life.  i was a pilates devotee when i lived in lexington and since i moved to d.c. i’ve been trying to find the next best thing.  ding!  ding!  ding!  we may have a winner.  while i don’t love bar method classes because i feel they are too technical and involve all that pelvis tucking, i love barre3 because it’s a mix of pilates, ballet barre and fun.  the squatting until your thighs throb, while holding 3 pound weights above your ears kind of fun.  my favorite kind.

the reason i say this is chick-y is because it’s not about throwing a zillion pounds of weight around.  we ladies aren’t about that necessarily.  this is a silent, deadly assassin of workouts.  those little pulses and tiny weights pack a punch.  just like us, ladies.

sweat factor:  hand me a neutrogena face wipe, won’t you?

hurt factor:  i sure do feel those thousand tippy-toe squats when i prance through georgetown sipping a skim latte.

corepower yoga – sculpt

i’m absolutely positive i’ve never sweat so much in my entire existence as a relatively sweaty mammal.  i’ve run a marathon.  i’ve been to las vegas in the summer.  sculpt at corepower yoga is the drippiest, grossest workout i’ve ever survived.  i’m not sure i could survive being any sweatier.  why so sweaty?  they crank the heat up in the hot yoga studio to around 95 degrees.  and then they put you through a yoga/cardio/weight lifting fun fest.  think up dog/down dog/one foot forward lunge/lunge in place for the next 22 beyonce songs.  in 95 degree heat.  bring a towel.  heck, bring two towels.  you’ll need them.  you’ll also need superior strength and mental fortitude.  but it will be worth it.

sweat factor:  off the richter scales.  this is real, people.

hurt factor:  i had to stop.  multiple times.  and pretend i was getting a drink of water.  it’s also so slippery and treacherous i’m not positive i was super effective but i did get a good burn.

corepower yoga – corepower fusion

prepare to get to know your neighbors…and wear their sweat. image via core power yoga

a hot fusion of pilates/yoga.  this i could dig on the regular.  like, i’m pretty sure i should never go back because i have an addictive personality and this could be the end of me…and my wallet.

sweat factor:  marathon style sweat.  hot, sweaty but not sloppy.

hurt factor:  hurt so good.

mind the mat – pilates bootcamp

have you ever been afraid of someone you’re also completely obsessed with?  that’s my relationship with the instructors of pilates bootcamp at mind the mat in the del ray neighborhood of alexandria.  {there is no pilates bootcamp offered at my ‘hood location of mtm.  boohoo!}  if they’re not barking at you to make teaser your “resting position,” they’re yelling at you to drop and give them 30 burpees.  right, just wrap your brain around that sentence.  in what world is teaser a resting position?  and when are 30 burpees ever humanly possible?  at mind the mat, ya little wimps.  i’m simultaneously quaking in my nike free’s and doing beyonce jazz hands when i walk into the neon wonderland/torture chamber that is their studio.  and i’m totally obsessed with that feeling.

sweat factor:  does beyonce sweat while being a girl who runs the world?  then you should too.

hurt factor:  in what world would doing a 5 minute teaser, followed by 30 burpees not hurt?  yes, it hurts.

and after all that, i feel invincible.  and really sweaty.  and a little more like beyonce.  and those are some of my favorite things.

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  1. April 17, 2014 6:52 pm

    HAHAH! I’m sweating reading this. Stay strong.

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