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speak up

March 28, 2014

being a 20-something girl comes with a lexicon of its own.  the conversations i overhear, the conversations i engage in, the conversations i roll my eyes at…they all go something like this:

  • i want a cheeseburger.  i’ll have the spinach and goat cheese salad.
  • i’m not going to eat meat this week.
  • he went to the planet.
  • i don’t think i’ve ever sweat that much in my life.
  • have you tried oil pulling/cleansing/juicing?
  • did you see scandal/house of cards/girls?
  • he has a nice apartment.
  • does no one stay together anymore?
  • i got it at tory burch/zara/crate & barrel.
  • he texted me but i’m going to wait at least 4 hours until i respond.
  • you gave up fried food for lent?  i could never do that.
  • there needs to be an emoji for that.
  • i have zero money.
  • is this real life?


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  1. notorious permalink
    March 28, 2014 6:59 pm

    I assume this is in your conversatons…..How about them Badgers! -Notorious

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