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wedding 101: what i’ve learned from the outside and/or swinging through the trees.

March 25, 2014

my sister is planning a wedding, yo.  being her maid of honor is what i picture my life would be like if i were a princess.  so i get to do fun things like taste 18 flavors of cake and prance around bridal salons in fantastic frippery, summoning a lady in waiting to help me disrobe.  here’s what i’ve learned so far:

IMG_3012this wedding is really going to test my craft skills.  gather your glitter pens and practice your curly q’s because celebrating matrimonial bliss requires all the martha you can muster.  i made that celebratory poster above after sarah and chris’ engagement…that was only the beginning.  i now have a secret pinboard full of bachelorette and bridal shower ideas.  this is simultaneously my dream and my nightmare come true!

IMG_3051ya gots to stay organized.  my mom’s binder helps.  so does her cheesy grin.  stay organized and stay grinning.

IMG_3303do you know how hard it is to find a church?  i didn’t.  until sarah and chris tried to get married.  they’re nice, normal, law-abiding citizens and they had a dickens of a time trying to find a minister to marry them.  a runaway vegas wedding is looking better and better…


remember who/what really matters.  rowdy.  rowdy matters.

IMG_3296cake tasting is a marathon not a sprint.  these were flavors 1-13.  5 more awaited us that afternoon.  18 flavors of cake, 6 icings/fillings and i have to say i could’ve plowed through more.  i was born to be a bridesmaid.


because when all is said and done, i’m in this for the cookies.  but until the wedding it’s all green juice and hot yoga…or something like that.


there’s still plenty of fun to be had as a 20-something single girl.  my sister is going to have a wonderful, beautiful and tasty wedding.  and good for her.  but until it’s my turn, you can find me swinging through the trees in the jungle.  or pretending to be a monkey at an alumni event at the u.s. botanic gardens.  (classy, jenny, real classy.)  it’s what us untethered single girls do.





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  1. notorious permalink
    March 25, 2014 7:28 pm

    Looks like all sorts of fun decisions….Go with a Vegas wedding, wearing Packers jerseys, eating cheeseballs, with Rowdy as the ringbearer. What could possibly go wrong. Rock on——Notorious

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