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my future: nailing it.

March 22, 2014

i started planning what i’d serve for easter brunch around christmas.

i pick out my nail polish colors by the underwear, socks and running t-shirts that will match.

i schedule my shower exfoliation around weekend plans.

i create itunes playlists for getting dressed, baking brownies and/or sulking over a gallon of red wine.

so quitting my job, when i don’t have another plan in place, is pretty radical for me.  in fact, i did not quit my job so much as i did not renew my contract for another year.  that means that come mid-june, i may be walking into the bright unknown.  or i may be walking into yet another office space and starting another job.  the future remains to be seen.  i don’t know yet where i’m headed.

but what i do know is that i’ll have the perfect manicure color to match my new horizon.

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