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if everybody ran

March 15, 2014

some days you feel bad.  your right ankle kinda looks a little more swollen than the left one.  your ponytail doesn’t bounce just right.  your alarm is angry at you because you keep bopping the snooze button and you have only 6.5 clean socks.  your shoe lace comes untied or the first song on your shuffled playlist downright sucks.  the sun is fierce and so is that cramp in your left shin bone (is that even possible?!).  and then you suck in the wind and you find your stride.  this is your time – not the alarm’s time, not your watch’s time, not your sorta kinda guy you’ve been dating’s time.  you round the corner and top that hill and see all of d.c. laid out before you.  and it’s worth it.  if everybody ran, everybody would know how accomplished/unstoppable you feel.  they’d also know how it feels to have a cramp in their left shin bone but that’s another story.

mizuno set out to research what would happen if everybody ran.  here’s what they found.

8d296709a7b86d9e62ccebf5eae30883and here’s my favorite example:

so, i guess the answer is: if everybody ran, we’d all be superheroes?  i’ll go with that.


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