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a message from the universe

March 12, 2014

yesterday was one of those days where i believed the birds were singing for a reason and i was in tune with my left big toe and all that jazz.  i believed things were happening for a reason.  i was struggling and the universe sent me two nice emails from parents thanking me for taking good care of their students.  {my boss got flowers from a family but all i really need is a nice word or two.  actually, i’d settle for just a not mean word or two.  what does that say about how rough this year has been?}  i was excited about hippy hopping out of work on a nice spring afternoon and the universe sent me smooth sailing on eastbound i-66.

and then the universe snatched my only remaining grandma r voicemail right out from under my thumbprint.

grandma r was always the first to call on birthdays.  she’d set her alarm so she’d catch us before we loaded onto the school bus.  i’d listen to grandma sing happy birthday while i had a mouthful of birthday donut.  two years ago, because of the ever-confusing space time continuum known as eastern time versus central time, grandma called me and i didn’t pick up.  so she left a sweet but very sad voicemail.  i’d saved it because iphones have seemingly unlimited voicemail storage space and i couldn’t bear to delete my grandma’s little birthday message.

the universe, or my swipe happy thumb, or my demon iphone deleted grandma’s voicemail.  i used to think i was one with the universe.  or at least my left big toe.  until it stole my birthday message.

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  1. Dresden permalink
    March 12, 2014 5:16 pm

    You can always go to you “voicemail” in your iPhone, go to the very bottom to the “deleted messages” option and find your grandma’s precious birthday message and “undelete” it back to your regular voicemail list.

    You are welcome.

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