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baby, you’re a classic.

March 3, 2014

there are two things i want to be in life:

1.)  as blonde as chemically possible.

2.)  classic as sin.

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 19yep, that’s about right.

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 22paging princess grace.  princess grace to the fabulous mirror in the parlor.

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 25now that’s my kind of spring break road trip!

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 26scandal: toned, tight midriff.  prim and proper: ladylike bag/shoes and perfectly polished hair.

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 27not exactly sweatpants but perfectly luxuriously lounge-worthy.

Harper%27s_Bazaar_USA_2014-03.bak (dragged) 28baby blues.  and a prom pouf skirt.  classic as sin.  see?

images via from harper’s bazaar march 2014







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