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a taste of new york

February 28, 2014

i spent one summer during college playing city girl in new york.  we walked the brooklyn bridge at twilight and ate hot dogs at yankees stadium.  we escaped the sweltering heat on the weekends and spent time on the jersey shore (hardly the hamptons).  i rode the subway to work every morning and hopped off the train at grand central station.  we had a favorite local pizza place (amy’s) and a neighborhood thai kitchen.  one night, we stayed out super late waiting for madonna to make an appearance at a grungy nightclub.  but my favorite nights were those spent exploring the vast dining scene in the city.  i felt like i’d stepped out of sex & the city when we dined at a back booth in spice market.  we people watched at brunch at paradou.  i ate more magnolia bakery cupcakes than i care to remember.  and i was pretty sure i had arrived when i got to eat at balthazar twice in one week.  i lived that summer.

pastis (site of new year’s brunch 2011) is closing today.  and with it goes a moment, a new york minute and some college girl’s summer night.  i relish the memory of my summer in new york.  i was carefree and doing something i loved and nourished by a buzzing city and remarkable meals.  i got just a taste of new york city.

victoria beckham and harper say au revoir pastis!

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