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the parental unit.

February 27, 2014

like i’ve said, i meet a lot of parents in my work.  i’m also a 28 year old single girl so i’ve been on my fair share of dates.  and, like many of us, i’ve had two parents.  i know a thing or two about relationships and parents and stuff. so i know that it’s hard to be really nice to someone for 30-something years.  but they’ve done it.  happy anniversary, mom and dad!

427841_603338058721_1684842375_n 526194_603337090661_1657606787_n

you’re the coolest old married people i know…

p.s. dad, if you’re reading this.  you should probably buy mom one of those kroger white cakes she likes so much.  but not the yellow, the white cake.  or you could ask her out on a date.  maybe buy her a popcorn at the movies or something.  just saying.



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