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love to give

February 14, 2014

when chris called my mom before he proposed to sarah, she was (of course) thrilled.  what mother isn’t excited about one of her daughters happiness forever after?  but, in true chompers fashion, mom was also predictably silly and simultaneously spot on.  she shared that our little family has been getting littler.  we’ve lost people we love so dearly and, since saying goodbye to grandma r in november, i think all of us felt like our family was shrinking.

if you know anything about my family, we have seriously too much love to give.  sarah loves to moon people.  mom uses butter and sugar to prove her love.  dad comes through with those deep and sometimes head scratcher messages of endearment.  daisy shows me love every day when she decides not to attack me.  adding chris into our family means that we’re on the upswing.  we’re finally adding people to love.  hope his family is ready to be showered with sermon-worthy prose, from-scratch cupcakes and, well, sarah.

this year, i’m looking at valentine’s day as a holiday to celebrate not only a boyfriend or a significant other, but all the people i’m lucky to love in my life.  yes, even sarah.

off to whip up a batch of rice krispie treats!  


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  1. cleverasaquirk permalink
    February 15, 2014 12:22 am

    That was sweet…happy to have a friend like you in my life!

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