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love. actually.

February 14, 2014

things i love…

  • my family.  this should go without saying but today’s a day to say things like this.  love you, fam.
  • trader joe’s shrimp summer rolls with that badonkadonk peanut sauce.
  • instagram.
  • pretending to be indie/hipster/a park avenue blueblood with the change of nail polish/eyeliner/shoes.
  • daisy.  in her own little way.
  • plotting to take over the world.  in my own little way.
  • my name and the fact that it’s different and yet i stole it from two magnificent members of my family.  {full disclosure: one, the jennie, i never met.  but i’m positive she was delightful.}
  • zara.
  • cheese.  cheese pizza.  melty cheese.  crispy cheesy crackers.  fake cheese dorito’s.  hunks and schnibbles of cheese.
  • this blog.  vain much?
  • marc jacobs fall 2014.  you crazy genius, you.


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  1. February 20, 2014 4:42 pm

    and I LOVE this list. Need to jump on the TJ shrimp summer roll bandwagon…and that sauce. oh my. hope you’re doing well:)

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