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i’m a survivor

February 12, 2014

storm survival 101: 

how a midwestern farmer’s daughter (or something like that) hopes for the worst and prepares for the best time ever (or something like that)

  • gym inside apartment complex.  i have every intention of treating any forthcoming snow days like a stay at canyon ranch.
  • leafy green vegetables, fresh fruit and lean protein.  see above.
  • talenti gelato.  just in case the worst actually happens.  survival is worthless if you can’t indulge a little.  this is why i hope i’m knocked out with the first wave of the zombie apocalypse.  think about that one.
  • season 2 of house of cards.  something tells me netflix may just have engineered this snow storm, trapping me inside, to do nothing but watch the snarky original series.
  • rosemary & thyme, organic rose petals, food grade lavender buds.  pinterest is going to get me through this.  and fresh made simple syrups are the perfect snow day project.  especially when mixed with…
  • champagne.  self explanatory.
  • internetz.  house of cards, pinterest, online shopping, fashion week.  whatever did people do before dial up?
  • glow sticks.  because the only difference between a power outage and a rave is your attitude.
  • leather leggings, boyfriend tees and frye boots.  my winter warrior wardrobe of choice.
  • essie nail polish in abundance.  l’oreal eyeliner.  benefit under eye cream.  neutrogena sunless tanning foam.  again, it’s all about attitude.  and mine sees a snow day as a spa day.


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  1. notorious permalink
    February 13, 2014 9:13 pm

    be sure you have enough beneful hugs and milk bones for your fav valentine. —Notorious

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