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the weekend wins

February 3, 2014

let’s talk about all of this weekend’s wins.

  • the seahawks, you guys.  this should be filed under “duh” and right next to “someone got whooped.”
  • bruno mars.  made me want to disco.
  • finding new shows on netflix.  i’m working my way through hemlock grove.  it’s a real head scratcher.
  • the fact that i had a real, grown-up person life this weekend.  i ran errands, went to pilates boot camp {more gushing about that later}, brunched and hosted a wine tasting.  i had a life!
  • daisy.  daisy literally took off, her ears propelling her over-sized beagley body, because the weather was so nice.
  • and when the weather’s nice…the street pizza is still warm and gooey.  daisy’s favorite.
  • pilates boot camp.  this gets a second mention because belly fat.
  • punxsutawney phil.  getting people’s hopes up since 1887.
  • the fact that the super bowl party i attended served veuve cliquot.  with sparklers.  on a rooftop deck.  with a plasma tv that rises from a floor of astroturf.

not sorry.

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  1. notorious permalink
    February 3, 2014 4:55 pm

    I didn’t see chicken wings and chips in your super bowl party report. — Notorious.

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