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her madgesty

January 31, 2014

my boss once told me i was getting “madonna arms.”  that was a badge of honor.  girlfriend is 55 and she played the superbowl, like, yesterday.

said madonna biceps were courtesy of my obsession with pilates/jessie.  i stumbled into pilates because what else is there to do in a college town in the mountains?  and then i found my center and six-pack abs.  i was hooked.  every tuesday and thursday at 5 p.m. i could be found breathing in and busting out on my mat in the dance studio.  sometimes jessie even played the entire madonna album.  maybe that’s how my biceps got so big?

i know everyone probably says this of their 25-year-old self but i was at my physical peak in the pilates period.  i rewarded myself with a dolce & gabbana corset dress a la madge.

the last year i’ve been…well, let’s just say…less than centered.  i blame this on the fact that i can’t find a jessie.  the few pilates classes i have taken up here are either way too rigid and strictly technical or completely fluffy and yawn-worthy.  i like a little sass with my hundreds.  a little flair with my strategic muscle exhaustion.  a little madonna every now and then?  now, friends in fitness, i have a wedding to get my tushy toned for.  maybe not just my tushy either…considering that should probably be cloaked in a bridesmaid dress.  so i googled around and i’m plunking down $20 for a pilates boot camp class tomorrow morning.

but i remember the days when i paid $20 for a year of pilates classes back in good ole lexington.  the days when i had jessie as my spirit fitness guru and some madonna blasting over the sound system.  and the days when i had biceps my boss was envious/scared of.

here’s to madonna/dolce & gabbana/jessie/boss/ME-worthy biceps!

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