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sweet dreams are made of these (people)

January 17, 2014

i deal with a lot of parents in my day job (my night job being a ninja).  to be specific, i deal with more parental/child relationships than the average bear.  many people deal with the people that are parents but a select few of us get to serve as the middle man between parent and child.  i should at least get a girl scout merit badge for this, right?

i’ve seen all shapes, sizes, colors and brands of parental/child relations.  some are fuzzy wuzzy.  some are crisp as a starched dress shirt collar.  some are friendly, others are distant.  some parents aim to give their children the sun, moon and a spaceship to get them there.  other parents consider their responsibility as by chance giving birth to this human being sitting awkwardly in my office.  some parents make lots of money and some make none at all.  if you can dream it, i’ve seen it.

before taking this job, i would have considered my relationship with my parents to be “normal.”  my mom met me at the bus stop every afternoon and dad was home for family dinner every night when he wasn’t traveling for work.  my parents took me to church and soccer practice and my high school boyfriend’s house (if parental supervision was provided, naturally).  they fixed up a perfect fixer-upper in a perfect little suburb with parks and geese and a local ice cream store and called it home for 25 years and 2 children.

now that i work with parents on the daily, i consider my relationship with my parents to be abso-freaking-lutely amazing.  my mom meets me at the front door when i visit with nut bars, a new coconut cake, my favorite yogurt stocked in the fridge and fresh sheets on my bed (usually held in place by a box of my favorite candy).  dad facetimes, texts, emails and calls when he travels just so he never feels too far away.  my parents pick up my phone calls at all hours, even when all i do is blabber on about being a single girl in the city.  my parents take me seriously but encourage and challenge my dreams into reality.  they make a crazy little world with pressures and financial uncertainties and scary things a safe and happy and comfortable home.

i’ve learned this is not normal.  this is above average.  this is remarkable.  this is stellar.  this is the dream and i’ve lived it.

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